AJ_PY034 Atlanta, GA Mon. Nov 28, 2022 USDA Market News Daily 5-Day Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg... (full story)

AJ_PY029 Atlanta, GA Mon. Nov 28, 2022 USDA Market News Daily Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg Sales ... (full story)

Life in the oil market is full of contradictions. Oil prices are plunging on slowing demand fears because of China lockdowns yet global supplies based on the inventories are still extremely tight. Biden wants to give billions of dollars in climate reparations to other countries, yet he offers an opportunity for a dictator in Venezuela to produce some of the dirtiest oil on the planet. Maybe Venezuela should pay us reparations. The UK has also put off its agreement on a Russian price cap raising the assumption that Russian oil exports will continue unimpeded. (full story)

AL_LS600 Las Cruces, NM Mon Nov 28, 2022 USDA Market News Texas to Mexico Daily Livestock Exports ... (full story)

NW_PY032 Des Moines, IA Mon. Nov 28, 2022 USDA Market News Weekly Canadian Eggs ... (full story)

A real estate expert says hunting leases provide added income for farmers and better opportunities for hunters. Troy Langen with the Hunting Lease Network tells Brownfield farmers and ranchers can gain the benefits without the management hassles,... (full story)

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry weather favors final corn and soybean harvest efforts, especially in areas where snow cover had previously limited fieldwork.  A little more than a week ago, on November 20, nearly one-quarter (23%) of Wisconsin’s... (full story)

Brownfield’s Kellan Heavican will be in Lincoln on Friday, December 2, 2022 covering the Nebraska Farmers Union Convention. ...         (full story)

Strong commodity prices are creating opportunities for U.S. farmers to profit despite the risks posed by drought and higher production costs, said the Ag Finance Update by the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. Farmland prices surged an average of 20%... (full story)

A record 50.54 million birds in domestic flocks have died of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), or were culled to prevent spread of the viral disease since February, according to USDA data. The previous record of approximately 50.4 million... (full story)

During the next 5 days, a series of storms will result in rapidly changing conditions across much of the country.  For today, any lingering Northeastern precipitation will quickly end, while unsettled, breezy weather will stretch inland from the... (full story)

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the likelihood of below-normal temperatures from the Pacific Coast to the northern half of the Plains and the upper Midwest, while warmer-than-normal weather will prevail south and east of a line from... (full story)

Success starts in the soil, and on this week’s episode, CROPLAN crop protection product manager Jon Zuk says two new products are geared to help farmers get off to a fast, strong and steady start in 2023. ...       ... (full story)



From the day we did a post on 10/11/22 called "Wheat top 952.00" (Futures) the market has been in a down trend. (full story)
WEAT: 7.86 (-0.21), HEG23: 86.400 (-2.100)

Meta Platforms stock has risen over 26.7% since Nov. 3 when it bottomed out after posting disappointing earnings. The run-up in META stock makes put options look attractive here. (full story)
META: 110.54 (-0.87)

GL_LS850 Greeley, CO Mon Nov 28, 2022 USDA- CO Dept of Ag Market News National Wool Review Domestic wool trading on a clean basis had no confirmed trades reported this week. Prices reflect trades FOB warehouse in original bag or square pack, bellies out, some graded, and 76 mm... (full story)

What to expect in the regular trading hours today (full story)
ESZ22: 4,008.75 (-23.75)

TFM Cash+ Take the Stress Out of Your Marketing Strategy. No hedge account. No margin calls. Just comprehensive, common-sense guidance at a great value. Learn more: https://www.totalfarmmarketing.com/tfm-cash-plus/ Information produced by ADM Investor Services, Inc. and distributed by Stewart-Peterson Inc. Wheat prices overnight are down 8 1/4 in SRW, down 3/4... (full story)

Click to view report lsddfss.pdf in PDF format (full story)

AL_LS603 Las Cruces, NM Feeder Cattle November 28, 2022 Daily Import Total Sales November 25, 2022 No feeder cattle were imported due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. (10 cent slide basis 300... (full story)

Nearby cotton prices are down by triple digits into the new week, following the shortened Friday trade of double digit losses. Cotton futures tumbled on Friday, going into the weekend triple digits lower. Front months were 193 to 272 points in the red at the bell. For December that meant... (full story)

Feeder cattle closed off their lows on Friday, but still lower by 80 to 95 cents. Live cattle futures were also red on Friday, but limited the pullback to 30 cents in the front months. For the week, Dec cattle were UNCH. Jan feeder cattle lost $2.47 from Friday to... (full story)
LEZ22: 152.875 (-0.200), LEG23: 154.575 (-0.550), LEJ23: 158.425 (-0.550), GFF23: 177.900 (-0.400), GFH23: 181.250 (-0.300)

Front month lean hog futures gave back their initial gains on Friday and went into the weekend 17 to 45 cents in the red. Feb futures ended the week with a net $1.05 drop. The USDA National Average Base Hog Price was down 84 cents to $86.61. The CME Lean... (full story)
HEZ22: 82.650 (-1.125), HEJ23: 92.275 (-1.750), KMZ22: 91.225 (-0.975)

Wheats are mostly red into the new week of trading, save for MPLS futures which still have some double digit gains. On Friday, SRW futures closed 13 to 18 cents weaker in the front months on Friday, resulting in a 31 3/4 cent weekly loss for December. KC futures ended... (full story)
ZWZ22: 751-4 (-24-0), ZWH23: 774-6 (-22-2), ZWPAES.CM: 6.8501 (-0.2398), KEZ22: 900-2 (-21-6), KEPAWS.CM: 8.6212 (-0.2175), MWZ22: 950-0 (-7-2)

Soybeans gapped lower into the new week of trading, prices have firmed back up into the day session but are still 3 to 5 cents in the red. At the Friday close front month soybeans were fractionally to 1 1/2 cents in the black. For the week, Jan beans gained... (full story)
ZSF23: 1439-2 (+3-0), ZSPAUS.CM: 14.1657 (+0.0309), ZSH23: 1444-0 (+1-6), ZSK23: 1450-6 (+1-0)

Corn futures opened lower on Sunday night, and are off their lows but still down by 1 to 4 cents across the front months. Friday’s 4 to 5 cent gains in old crop left the board fractionally mixed for the week. New crop futures bounced 1 3/4 to 2 1/2... (full story)
ZCZ22: 664-2 (-3-6), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.7168 (-0.0387), ZCH23: 666-2 (-5-0), ZCK23: 664-6 (-5-2)

8O_LS800 Oklahoma City, OK Mon Nov 28, 2022 USDA-OK Dept Ag Market News The Oklahoma National Stockyards is estimating 6,500 head of feeder cattle and calves for the sale Monday 11/28/2022. Source: USDA Market News Service, Oklahoma City, Ok Joe Massey ... (full story)

You might be forgiven for thinking earnings season is done and dusted, but there are still some big name companies due to report this week. These include Crowdstrike (CRWD), Snowflake (SNOW), Salesforce (CRM), Pinduoduo (PDD), Workday (WDAY), Kroger (KR), Chargepoint (CHPT), Ulta Beauty (ULTA), Dollar General (DG) and Marvell Technologies (MRVL). (full story)
CRWD: 138.86 (-1.19), SNOW: 144.24 (-0.48), CRM: 153.72 (+0.37), PDD: 75.78 (+10.03), WDAY: 149.54 (+0.56), KR: 48.72 (-0.32), CHPT: 11.63 (-0.36), ULTA: 451.50 (+3.15), DG: 255.34 (-1.89), MRVL: 43.56 (+0.58), TSLA: 185.66 (+2.80), AAPL: 145.66 (-2.45), AMZN: 95.10 (+1.69), AMD: 74.72 (-0.42), NVDA: 162.33 (-0.37), META: 110.54 (-0.87), MSFT: 244.46 (-3.03)

PHILADELPHIA 28-NOVEMBER-2022 Auction Sales - Prices To Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News, Federal-State Market News Service, USDA Phone: (215) 551-6791 Fax: (215) 336-0355 AF_FV160 Fairview Kentucky Produce Auction Summary Data compiled by: Fairview Produce... (full story)

Last Wednesday the markets migrated to the Upside. Will we see the same today? (full story)

December S&P 500 futures (ESZ22) are trending down -0.87% this morning after three major US benchmark indices closed mixed in a subdued trading session on Friday as market participants shied away from risk, focusing on Black Friday sales and COVID-19 cases in China. (full story)
ESZ22: 4,008.75 (-23.75), AAPL: 145.66 (-2.45), MARA: 5.94 (-0.28), COIN: 43.67 (-0.61), RIOT: 4.29 (-0.14), BUD: 58.69 (+2.10), TWLO: 47.96 (-0.60), GOEV: 1.1900 (+0.0600), BSX: 44.23 (+0.08), AMD: 74.72 (-0.42)

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